The Out of Syllabus Project is an initiative of Project FUEL and FUEL Foundation to document, design and celebrate the wisdom of our teachers through stories of their lives and life lessons.

With the Out of Syllabus project, we aspire to reimagine role-models for students within academic institutions and encourage them to seek inspiration from the ones, they’ve known forever. The project aims at transforming school aisles into ‘Wisdom Corridors’ i.e., a gallery exhibiting life-lessons of teachers that students can access when feeling lost or alone.

It also focuses on enhancing immersive conversations between teachers and students by creating a safe space for them to connect. Alongside, creating a unique database of learning that can act as a repository on human interest stories and as an advice bank for budding change makers.


Wisdom Club

We begin by creating a ‘Wisdom Club’ in school. A curated set of students are coached in 21st century skills of communication, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, film making and journalism.

Wisdom Collaborations

The intra and the inter-country ‘Wisdom Clubs’ come together as a collective, to build cross-cultural understanding and promote peace.

Wisdom Corridor

The student members of the ‘Wisdom Club’ work alongside award-winning designers and illustrators to create striking and informative poster prints that carry the life lessons of the teachers along with their pictures. These exhibits transform the school corridors/walls into a “Wisdom Gallery” that tells its spectators the life-stories of those teachers.

Life Lesson Journal

The Life Lesson Journal attempts to create a safe-space for students to document the right amount of wisdom they deem necessary for their personal growth. The journal has been handcrafted with curated questions to heal the clutters of a conflicted mind. And with each answer, we've only come across more focused reflectors and evolved thinkers. Help your child discover the wisdom within. Click here to buy the Journal

Featured Life Lessons

Delve into life lessons, unexplored. Rediscover wisdom from the Out of Syllabus Project, like never before.

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